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Thursday, 12 January 2012

Tablets Are Bought On Venus, Flat Screen TVs On Mars

Tech's a man's domain, right?  That's the common perception being demolished at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas.  A technology research and analysis company in the US, Park Associates, has carried out a survey of 2000 consumers over the age of 18 and found that the purchasing decisions for technology in 2011 was biased in favour of the fairer sex - Tablets, Laptops and Smart Phones were coveted by women more than by men (18% versus 15% for Tablets, 20% versus 14% for laptops and 20% versus 17% for smart phones).  It was only in the field of Flat Screen TVs that the men drooled more than women - 19% versus 17% which, given the sample size, is struggling to be statistically significant.

I don't think this is likely to be a US phenomenom, either.  Certainly in my personal experience the take up on Kindles seemed to be biased towards females - they seem to be more likely to give this new fangled way of reading books a spin.  Also, when out and about on holiday in the Lake District last September, it was the ladies who sat in the cafes using their iPads.  I'm sure there's more robust data than my anecdotal observations, but it seems to me that, like the Eurythmics suggested in the Eighties, the sisters are diong it for themselves!

This is positive, to me.  There's no good reason why any gender should be predominant in the use of technology - same average number of hands, fingers, brains etc per person, so why not.  And of course, today it is as likely that the female in a relationship adds a similar amount in salary as the male - sometimes more, sometimes less but as the glass ceilngs get smashed, the historical inequalities should disappear along with the antiquated notions about who should determine what technology should be bought.  And with this more equal footing in life it shows, from the research by Parks Associates, that women are just as likely, more in many cases, to hanker after the sexy toys that were once the domain of the men.

Now, where's that survey about who buys the most powerful cordless hammer drills?


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