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Friday, 27 July 2012

Project: Evil is Available for Download

Following the posting of the final episodes of Project: Evil - apologies to anyone who was suitably confused by me accidentally posting the final post before the penultimate one, one of the limitations of using a smart phone to post from - I've hunkered down and sorted out the details for publication.

Right, if you're up for playing with Smashwords then mosey over there using this link to download a free copy of Project:: Evil.  They can download it to you in multiple formats including mobi for your Kindle as long  as you're prepared to transfer it manually to the device - I know, that Whispersync business makes loading manually such a chore.  From experience, for iPad users, the process is great - the file just loads straight onto your bookshelf.  I can't vouch for any other devices.

I'm struggling a bit with Smashwords' stringent formatting requirements to gain access to the Apple book store, Barnes & Noble, WH Smith, Kobo, Sony etc.  I have this with every book and it usually ends up with one or two rogue indented paragraphs holding up the process.  Right now I'm sure the book is formatted worse than before I started the process so if you are one of the people who has downloaded a free copy already (it's been very successful in its first 24 hours) then when I tell you it's accepted for the premium catalogue nip back to Smashwords and download the latest version.  This is one of the strengths of Smashwords, by the way, as they let you buy once, download many times in many formats if needed.  Yeah,  yeah, it's a free download - for now, at least - but the principle's the same.

If you must download straight to your Kindle via Amazon, then you can.  However please note that it will cost you $0.99 or the UK (or Euro) equivalent.  Actually, from what I've seen, it isn't quite as simple as that. I told Amazon to set the UK price to the £ equivalent of $0.99 and they've seen fit to list it at £1.02, which is a bizarre price.  I can't list my books for free on Amazon, I'm afraid.  I'm not saying I wouldn't appreciate a donation to the pension fund, but I'm also happy to gift the book for the time being.  US readers can access the book here and UK here.

Finally, if you really would like a hard copy - or at least hardish - then I've published on Createspace as well.  At 50,000 words it isn't a mega book and that has kept the unit costs down, but tree books have a residual cost I can't do much about.  US readers can check it out here, UK here.

For those who have already downloaded a free copy - thanks, I hope you enjoyed the serialisation and please note that there are a few extra gags slipped in the final manuscript that never saw the blog - I couldn't help adding the odd one as I did the final edit.  For those about to download it - also thanks, in advance.  I hope you all enjoy the book, please let your friends know about it.

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  1. Loved "Project Evil" and have just started "The Last Simple". Sent the Smashwords link to both to my husband as I know he'll like them too. I have the Nook Simple Touch Reader and he has the Nook Color.
    In regards to your formatting problems have you tried using Calibre? We can't live without it. Not only do we use it for archiving and loading eBooks onto our Nooks but it also is extremely useful for when the Epub format of a book is messed up. I just download the LRF version of the book and use Calibre to convert it to an Epub and voila, it works.
    Please write some more of those great parody books.
    Good Luck To You.

    1. Sam, thanks for your kind words. I'm glad you enjoyed Project: Evil and hope you're enjoying The Last Simple too. I'll look at Calibre, anything that makes life easier has to be a good thing. I sorted the formatting issues using what Mark Coker calls the Nuclear Method - paste the book into Notepad, which destroys all formatting, then back into Word. An hour's fun formatting and it was done. I'm waiting for Smashwords to ship it to B & N, Apple et al any day now.