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Sunday, 8 January 2012

Project: Evil Chapter One – The Initial Interview part 1

Situation Vacant

Project Manager – Large Overseas Construction Project

International organisation requires experienced project manager to plan and oversee a large and complex project involving the design, construction, manning, training and deployment of a high technology venture based in a remote South Sea location. In addition to experience of managing multi-disciplinary projects involving large scale construction in remote locations the successful candidate should have the following attributes:

·         Understanding of missile fabrication and launch technology;
·         Appreciation of international law pertaining to weapons of mass destruction and be;
·         Non allergic to cats

Competitive rates

Contact:  Mr BL O'Feld
<details withheld>

Interviews will be held in London in March

BL O'Feld is an equal opportunities employer

Project: Evil Chapter One – The Initial Interview part 1

'Brian Richards,' said Brian, feeling fantastic for remembering his own name so accurately.
There was a buzz and the door slipped open a fraction of an inch.  Brian pushed the door and stepped inside, smelled the air freshener plugged into the mains, saw the receptionist blowing into a tissue and wheezing.  Brian found his nose twitching also, despite having similar air fresheners at home.  He placed his CV file carefully on the counter, taking care to engage the girl with a nose full of tissue.
'Brian Richards,' he repeated.  The girl looked intently at a sheet of paper with one name typed on before scrolling through a computer screen.
'Take a seat, please.  Mr Daw will see you in a minute,' she said, blowing vigorously into her tissue then examining the runny mixture intently.
'Got a cold?' asked Brian picking up his folder.  She shook her head.
'Allergies, I think,' she replied. 
Brian sat in the only seat available, a retro cocoon style leather seat that swivelled effortlessly in all directions.  Getting in was relatively easy but, once in, his weight tipped the seat backwards, lifting his feet off the floor and spinning his body around so that he faced the wall.  In the distance Brian heard a sharp report, not unlike the sound of a gun being fired.  Facing the wall meant he couldn't see the car that had obviously just back-fired.
'Mr Richards,' enquired a voice from behind him.  Brian tried to turn around in his seat but couldn't reach the floor to direct the spin of the seat and he could only brush the facing wall with one leg outstretched.  Attempting to achieve this required Brian to lean over to his right which displaced the balance of the seat and spun it further away from the voice before stopping, facing the corner.
'Mr Richards?' repeated the voice.
'Be with you in a moment, just getting my bearings,' said Brian frantically throwing his weight left and right while trying to pitch forward.  The seat spun slowly around to face the voice, which belonged to a middle aged, lank haired man in a dark suit.  The man offered a weak hand, probably for Brian to shake limply with, but one that Brian enthusiastically gripped with his right hand, followed by his left grabbing the man's forearm.  Pulling himself out of the seat Brian threw a disparaging look at the seat. 
'They should have left them back in the sixties,' he said, nodding at the seat.  The man extricated his arm with a look of distaste, shaking his fingers as if to see if any had worked loose.
'I understand Mr O'Feld is rather fond of retro styling,' he sniffed.  'Please follow,' he said, turning.  Brian followed Daw up four floors and through a labyrinth of corridors, passing closed doors with nameplates screwed on.  It seemed odd to Brian, but on virtually every nameplate the name had been lined out and  a new name written over.  Daw noticed Brian's observation.

'There's been a reshuffle.  We've had to let a few members of staff go,' he said, pausing at a door marked 'Interview Room'.  Daw cocked his head at the sound of a distant voice that sounded like it was saying 'Noooooooooooooooooooooooo', followed by a dull thud.

'Sounds like we haven't finished yet,' he said, opening the door, adding 'All the smart executives in this company vie for a ground floor office.'

The characters, companies and places referred to in Project: Evil are fictitious and any resemblance to people, companies, businesses or places is entirely coincidental

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