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Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Kindles on Discount at Tesco Again

Maybe it's the mild weather, perhaps it's the post holiday blues, or is it Tesco just trying to get a name check on the blog again?

Tesco, the British mega-supermarket, has launched a £10 a Kindle discount for the basic Kindle on their web-based shopping site, TescoDirect.  You can order the Kindle there for £79 online as long as you quote the following code: TDX-7PKF. In fact, as far as I'm aware, the code can be used for any purchase from the store over £75, but if you've been hankering after a Kindle and didn't find one in your stocking a month ago then you could go online and cheer yourself up.  If you select 'pick up in store' then you won't have any shipping costs to worry about, either.  I've used the 'click and collect' service with my local Tesco on a number of occasions and it works really efficiently - they even text you when the item is in store!

You can also obtain the 3G models (the ones with the keyboards), normally £149, for £139 using this code as well.  I can't get too worked up over the keyboard - I've had one for over a year and can count the times I've used the keyboard on the fingers of one hand - an on-screen keyboard accessed via the five way controller is fine by me.  However the 3G does give you worldwide Internet access for a one-off payment (if you don't mind the primitive Internet experience, that is).

My understanding is that the code above is valid until 1 February.

If you're after a cheaper mainstream eReader, though, Asda are still selling the basic Kobo for £67, which represents great value and gives you access to the Kobo bookstore, WH Smith eBooks and anywhere that sells EPub format books (such as Smashwords).


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