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Monday, 27 June 2011

A Few Books Worth a Read on Kindle

Three books worth taking a look at on Kindle are by a Scottish author named Gordon Ferris (website) who writes detective mysteries in the first person, set in post war Britain.  His older books, available on Kindle, are Truth Dare Kill and The Unquiet Heart, and feature an ex Special Operations Executive Agent Danny McRae, a Scot (of course) set up as a Private Investigator in post war London.  He has a few personal demons to work through, a fondness of whisky being one of them, a significanly large head injury meted out by gestapo thugs in the war being another while he solves crimes.  There is a lot of humour in the narrative delivery in both books which makes the already fast pace slip along nicely.

Gordon's latest book, The Hanging Shed, is set in Glasgow, features a new lead character, Douglas Brodie, but covers the same time period as the earlier books.  Gordon paints a bleak picture of post war Glasgow using the same first person approach as his other books.  It's a cracking read with only one fault from my perspective - some of the colloquial Glasgow terms are too dense for me to fathom.  Some I could work out by context, but quite a few times I had to let the prose wash over me.  Ultimately none of the words precluded enjoying the story - it is a fast paced thriller that could be televised, but perhaps with sub-titles.

Gordon's books were £1 apiece when I downloaded them earlier this year but I note they are now selling for £1.20 each.  I still think they are good value and, if you enjoy a detective thriller, worth considering.

Work on the Journeymen sequel is moving along nicely.  I've just spent a week on holiday and haven't written anything however ideas for the sequel and two other books have been spinning around in my head all week.  I may have to timeslice the three books  for a while to get the gist of the other two books started while the ideas are flowing.