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Saturday, 7 January 2012

The End of Da Dan Brown Code

I hope you have all enjoyed the rambling parody of the modern thriller I've serialised since October.  Da Dan Brown Code was inspired by the work of Dan Brown but, as I've explained in an earlier blog, it isn't a personal attack on Dan's writing style.  Indeed, there are plenty of writers out there who are producing very short chapters that don't even signal a change from the subject in hand - in fact I've just finished reading an over-hyped British thriller that is poorly written, badly edited and contains stupid chapter breaks that could be just a paragraph change.  Or sentence change in some parts!

So Da Dan Brown Code is now published as 'The Last Simple' on Amazon Kindle and Smashwords at $0.99 plus tax (or GBP, Euro equivalent).  I've submitted it to Smashwords for inclusion on the Premium Catalog, which gives me access to Apple, Kobo, Sony etc, but there may be formatting issues that will delay that happening.  By the way, if anyone is wondering why I published it so far in advance of the series finishing, it was for a couple of reasons.  Firstly I wanted to make sure it was ready by the time I finished serialising it - I thought with the holidays the process would have been slower than normal, but as it happens both Amazon and Smashwords have speeded up their processes this year.  Secondly, I wanted to make sure nothing got screwed up in the transfer, and it's just as well  I did as some of the italic formatting went out of the window - it was probably me, but I think I've trapped all the issues and now both sites are hosting version two of The Last Simple.

But, of course, if you're prepared to scroll through my blog, you don't need to pay for a copy, it's free.  Probably it's a bit of a pain in the proverbial to read it that way, though, however there is another free way to do this - read on.

When I started Da Dan Brown Code as a serial I said I'd make it available free as an eBook for anyone who followed me on Twitter or the blog.  Well, I  believe that anyone who is following me on the blog is also following me on Twitter, so that makes this bit easier.  If I'm wrong, then please contact me the usual way and I'll sort it out.

If you check your Twitter stream you should find a link to this page and a code - go to this link, choose 'The Last Simple' and then 'purchase' the book using the code provided in the Twitter link.  Obviously choose the correct format for your eReader - ePub for most, Mobi for Kindle.  If you've never visited Smashwords before then you'll have to register with them to 'buy' this book - don't worry, once you get to checkout you get the opportunity to enter the code posted on Twitter and the price will reduce to $0.00.  Also, please note that Smashwords deploys a prude filter to restrict adult content from juvenile eyes - you'll have to turn the prude filter off to see my books.

I've tested the code with an iPad, for both iBooks and the Kindle App - Smashwords let's you download a book you've bought in multiple formats - and it worked fine, loading both applications and popping the book in.  It's also been tried on a Kobo Vox and it wasn't as straightforward - seemingly its well documented that for Kobo devices you have to download the files onto a PC, then transfer via the USB link.  If you have a Vox don't forget you can run the Kindle App as well as the Vox App - I understand it takes a bit of work to make it run initially.  I'll do some research and run a tutorial on it in a coming blog.  Also, if you are running a Kindle you will have to download onto your computer and transfer via USB - its not rocket science, but I'll include that in the tutorial as well.

And finally, if you don't have one of these fancy, la-de-da eReaders (or iPads, come to that), you can still download the Kindle eReader app for your PC for free.

Here's the catch (it's not a catch - I'm just trying to ratchet up the tension) - the offer finishes on the 18th January.  Don't ask when, we're dealing with Smashwords here, they live on the West coast of America so I'm blowed if I can work out when the code will lapse.  Go for it before the 18th would be my advice.

If you want to retweet the details, then do so, you have my blessing.  In fact, let's see if we can crash the Smashwords servers while we're at it!

Thanks for reading Da Dan Brown Code/The Last Simple - I look forward to meeting you all again in Project: Evil, starting tomorrow.


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