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Sunday, 27 March 2011

Crashed and Burned but Moving On

Well, the Amazon competion trip is over for this year.  Along with 750 other contestants, Skin was eliminated this week.  I had two reviews that were scored against the other 999 entrants.  One was very detailed, liked the dialogue style and was intrigued by the concept, however was critical of the technical introductory information.  I can't disagree with the comments and looking back at the book I can afford to simplify the beginning and may re-write that in the next week or so.

The second review was very brief, said the main character was very believable, didn't understand how the two threads worked together but acknowledged that they would probably merge as the story unfolded.  I've probably written more recounting that review than was in the review!

I know the first reviewer scored 3 out of 5 (because he/she said so), I'm guessing the second reviewer scored in a similar way, from the comments.  Whatever the score, it wasn't enough to get Skin through to the next round.

Looking forward, DLF is being polished, I'm on my second major review and feel I need to do a little more work on the structure.  There is a shift in the story telling mode that was deliberate but currently jarring a little.  After the prologue the first half of the story is almost entirely told from Royston's perspective, the second half oscillates between Royston and the various other character's in normal third person perspective, eventually ending up with Royston's voice at the end.  It needs a little more work to meld the two voice approaches naturally, but I think I'm nearlly there now.

One thing I need to work on now, for DLF, is the cover.  I've got some ideas but it may take a bit of working out to make it right.  I'm thinking of a car registration plate with DLF in car letters, but with the plate itself a faint printed circuit board.  I'm not sure how to do this but I'll have a try this week.  I've also got to think up the pitch, so there's still a bit to do on SLF before I publish it.

Tuesday, 8 March 2011


Just finished the first draft of DLF - Digital Life Form - and am now going through it, checking all the details and making sure the story makes sense from front to back.  Also need to start putting the book cover together - I have an image in my mind, just have to see if I can make it happen.

I had my photo taken by the Flintshire Leader late last week in support of an article about the Amazon Breakthrough Competition and Skin.  The article hasn't been printed yet so I'll be checking again tomorrow.  It's a bit of free marketing and I may even get a new image for my author page!

Just finished reading a fun book by a guy named Bob Simms - The Young Demon Keeper.  It's a light, humourous tale about a young guy who ends up owning a very badly behaved demon.  It does have some laugh out loud parts so be careful where you read it.  Bob is also through to the current round of the Amazon Breakthrough competition (with this book) and I wish him the very best of luck with it.