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Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Parallel Lives chapter 64

Alan felt he had drawn the long straw. The simple solution was for all three to travel to Bristol together, but that made getting away from the Jackson group more difficult. Travelling in two cars ensured that at least one of the cars could get away. It also meant Alan had to drive one of them - only he was insured to drive his - and he didn't know the area they were headed for. Consequently he was travelling with Karen and determined to enjoy every single minute of the experience. Karen, however, felt she had drawn a very short straw indeed.
As all three crossed the main road to the car park they noticed that Sam Jackson and the other two men responded by also crossing. The short man, the one who had had his mobile phone more or less welded to his ear since leaving the Council Hall snapped it shut and pushed it deep into his jacket pocket. Alan noticed that the young ginger haired man clutched his left side as he jogged across the road, dodging traffic. The thought crossed Alan's mind that it was unusual for someone so young and fit looking to get a stitch that easily.
As Alan and Karen belted up in his car he nodded to Karen.
'You were right, they’re all in one car, that's got to help,' he said, watching the three men close the saloon car's doors.
'As long as they are the only ones here. For all we know they may have other people waiting in the car park,' Karen replied, the nervousness edging in her voice.
'Maybe, lets see if we can't even up the odds then,' said Alan with a smile. He looked in his rear view mirror and saw that Jack was ready to move, his exhaust belching a combination of diesel fumes and cool condensing moisture from the atmosphere. Alan watched as Jack pulled away, encircling both his and the car enclosing Sam Jackson, as if taunting the doctor. As Jack approached the exit lane Alan engaged first gear and followed closely behind. Karen, spinning in her seat, reported that the doctor's car had joined the fray and was closing. At the exit they watched as Jack leaned out of the driver's door window, speaking briefly to the attendant while passing the parking fee to him, then driving off, turning left once he had cleared the raised steel barrier.
With deliberation, Alan moved unhurriedly towards the barrier, now returned to the lowered position. As he wound down the window the attendant approached, flashing out his leather pouch, rattling loose change with his left hand.
'Two pounds fifty, mate,' he said, rolling a ticket off an antiquated machine. Alan smiled, not attempting to offer any money now he was effectively blocking the exit. Jack's car disappeared around a bend several hundred yards away.
'No problem. Look, I was wondering if you could help us. The driver of the car behind is my sister's ex,' he said, flicking absently towards Karen, 'he's being a bit of a pain, trying to track her and the kids down, despite the court order. Flamin' police are no use either, never take any notice,' he continued, pulling a ten pound note out of his wallet, 'so I was wondering if you could delay him through the barrier for a couple of minutes so that we can get away and not reveal where she’s staying now. You can keep the change, if you like,' he concluded. The attendant smiled.
'Just leave it to me, mate. My cousin had a husband like that, violent an' all. Kept tracking 'er down, makin' 'er come back to 'im for more. Bloody tragic it is. Here, take your change. This'll be my pleasure mate,' he replied, handing Alan a note and some loose coins before raising the barrier.
Alan pulled out and quickly found a break in the traffic. In his rear view mirror he saw the attendant fulfilling his promise, deliberating every action.


Copyright Ray Sullivan 2011

The characters, places and events described in this novel are fictitious and any resemblance to persons, places or events, past or present, is coincidence.  All rights reserved

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