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Friday, 15 February 2013

Parallel Lives chapter 59

Michael walked from the rental car agency clutching the paperwork and the keys to the nondescript hatchback car he had rented using John Staple's driving licence and credit card. He felt guilty about using both, but had figured that Martin's crew would be looking for his own credit card being used. They probably would be scanning John's as well but he felt the odds to be marginally better. The reality was that he couldn't bring himself to steal a car, which was probably the correct solution and the fate almost likely to befall his own car over the next few days.
After making the phone call to Karen earlier he had turned tail and headed due south, skirting Manchester and the motorway system. Although safer it had put at least half an hour onto his journey already and he reckoned he had another three hours at least before he reached the general area he was headed towards.
As Michael drove he tried to probe John for information, tried to determine 'where' he was, 'what' he was seeing. Some of the time John was lucid and had a naive understanding of what was happening to him - he didn't understand the science of course, nor did he know why, but he did seem to realise that he was experiencing several versions of the same events. His main confusion was not with the differences but when everything seemed to be the same even though he knew deep down they were not.
Michael tried to explain some of what was happening, but often found himself talking to a catatonic being showing no sign of understanding. Other times John merely said 'I know, you told me,' when Michael was beginning a new part of the explanation. This caused Michael to smile as he realised that this conversation was being played out elsewhere and John was leapfrogging the information. Most of the remaining journey, however, was conducted in silence as Michael drove towards the darkening skies, attempting to explain exactly what he had done to himself and his career.


Copyright Ray Sullivan 2011

The characters, places and events described in this novel are fictitious and any resemblance to persons, places or events, past or present, is coincidence.  All rights reserved

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