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Friday, 8 February 2013

Parallel Lives chapter 56

The result of the inquest, from Jack's perspective, was reasonable. The Coroner had concluded that Jack and his team had carried out all reasonable precautions and with the exception of some minor transgressions had acquitted themselves well. Additionally the steps taken following the accident and the degree of co-operation shown to the various agencies all contributed to the conclusion that the man had died in spite of, not because of, the company's efforts. The 'Accidental Death' verdict sent a wave of relief through several persons attending, although it wasn't a universally popular decision, especially with the family of the dead man.
Jack and Alan made their way outside of the Council Hall as rapidly as decorum would allow. Jack was being pulled back to discuss the case by his boss who, obviously relieved at the verdict, insisted on what Jack considered inappropriate back slapping. It did, however, give him the opportunity to arrange some short notice leave with the managing director.
'Sure thing, Jack. You've done a sterling job over the last few weeks and lets be honest, if the verdict had gone the other way then I would have been looking at letting you go for an extended period,' he replied, tactlessly. Jack thanked him and made his way to Karen to try and get a update on what had happened when she had left the hall with John and together they made their way outside.
Alan also had a few conversations to partake in before he could leave. Firstly, the Coroner wanted to discuss Alan's behaviour at the start of the inquest, then some of the relatives of the dead man button-holed him. When he got outside he found Jack and Karen in deep conversation. Quickly, Karen updated Alan on what she had just told Jack.
'So, can we trust this man?' he asked. Karen nodded.
'I think so, he intercepted me on my way in and explained that he agreed with us that John was getting a rough deal and although he was a part of the problem, so to speak, he wanted to try and redress the situation. There was something in his voice and his manner that makes me want to believe. Also, when we were in the side room he could have alerted his people. I couldn't see any gain in his actions unless he was genuine. To tell the truth, I don't see that we had any other options. The state John Staples was in, I wouldn't have wanted to be responsible for him on my own, plus I reckon that if I hadn't returned when I did then that little shit over there would have been on his trail a long time ago,' Karen said, nodding at Martin, who was speaking frantically on his mobile phone, with Sam and the stranger stood alongside openly looking at Karen, Jack and Alan. Jack spoke.
'Judging by the looks on their faces, they aren't too happy with the situation,' he said, reaching for his own mobile phone, switching it on to review any messages. 'How are we going to get in contact with this guy,' he asked. Karen remembered writing her phone number down on the piece of paper and retrieved her phone from her handbag.


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