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Monday, 11 February 2013

Parallel Lives chapter 57

Jim was really concerned. There wasn't anything about the whole operation he had been truly happy with, but at least the little guy running the show had exuded a measure of competence. Now it seemed as if the person he had been tasked with escorting safely had been abducted from under his eyes, along with one of the doctors treating him. He still hadn't worked out what the story was but following the inquest he had just been forced to sit through he had finally discounted the drugs theory. In fact he couldn't work out why the man had needed to attend at all. A cold shiver ran through his spine as he realised that the terrorist story probably had more credibility than he had been prepared to acknowledge previously. That made the sidearm pressing into his left lower ribs even more frightening; although he had never experienced terrorism first hand through his military career he had heard plenty of tales, anecdotes and briefings to convince him that he may find himself face to face with some seriously dangerous people in the near future.
He looked at the man named Martin who was speaking desperately into his phone, he clearly had lost the plot. The other man, the doctor called Sam was acting irrationally, staring at the group gathered about twenty feet away. Jim couldn't see any way that they could be part of any terrorist group he was aware of, one was clearly a bona-fide Civil Servant and the other had a responsible job at a factory in Manchester. He didn't know anything about the woman, but she was clearly part of the group. He was aware of course that she had left with the man he was supposed to protect and must know something, but both Martin and Sam had insisted they shouldn't approach her.
Jim really was concerned.


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