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Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Skin is in Print

Just a little blogette - I noticed that Skin has been placed on Amazon's US site as a paperback less than twenty-four hours from my completing the digital proofing process.

The book, which ranges from an abortive Special Forces mission on the eve of the shock and awe phase of the second Gulf War to a point in time in the near future features action and horror intertwined in a story of revenge.

This is Bob Simms' review of Skin from last year:

In Skin, Ray creates a world of harsh brutality, complex deception and cynical politics. The book has echoes of Michael Crichton, with tales of science gone bad and those too short-sighted to see beyond their immediate desires.

Several threads and storylines run through this intelligent thriller, as Rory, ex-RAF veteran of the first Gulf war, earns a dubious living in the murky world of industrial espionage. The secret service want him to answer questions about his time in the gulf, others want him to remain silent about it. Meanwhile British politicians are making shady insider trading deals that complicate Rory's life. And all the while someone wants vengeance, on Rory, on Muslims, and on those he considers to blame for the deaths of his loved ones.

Told with an authenticity that betrays Ray's military background, it provides an explanation about Saddam's WMDs and the cause of the Gulf war that is so cynical it might even be true.

The book is, as always, available in eBook format through all the usual channels but also through the US arm of Amazon as a paperback, price $10.  I will be importing copies in the near future for sale to UK readers.


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