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Friday, 6 April 2012

Project: Evil - The Consultant Meeting part 2

It was Brian’s first visit to the dungeons – they’d been mentioned in passing during induction but as they hadn’t proved anything against him yet, he hadn’t needed to pay them a visit.  He was greeted by Lurch, the head gaoler – Brian knew he wasn’t really called Lurch, but common consent suggested calling him by his given name, Gervais, was a shortcut to spending the night in Lurch’s Hotel.  Brian held the list of questions he needed answering while he was body searched by Lurch, a task Brian felt Lurch lingered a tad too long on.
‘I make that three knives, a spikey chain and a small calibre pistol,’ announced Lurch, holding one hand to his forehead with the other on his hip, as he totted up the weapons he’d found on Brian. ‘Ordinarily I wouldn’t let you into the interrogation room as an observer with these, but I don’t have any spares to supplement them with,’ he explained a little sheepishly.  ‘Doctor Froshdu is settling into his accommodation right now, I was just getting him some towels if you’d like to come along,’ he said, running cold water over a pile of towels, wringing them out and placing them on a tray.
They entered the interrogation suite as Doctor Froshdu was finishing his unpacking.  As he’d been winched, then dragged, from his bed he only had his pyjamas and underwear with him and it had been suggested he might want to remove them before the interrogation started.
‘Blood’s a devil to get out of vests,’ Lurch had said as he clamped the ankle manacle onto Doctor Froshdu, ‘but nothing compared to the logistics of cleaning the shit out of your underpants.  My advice, love, is to pop them in the chest of drawers until after the discussion and I’ll hose you down with ice cold water before you leave,’ he’d promised, adding, ‘and if you’re very co-operative, then I’ll have a word with Mr O’Feld about letting you live.’
‘Hi, Doctor Froshdu, this is Brian and he’ll be asking you some questions today,’ said Lurch, indicating Brian.  Brian raised a hand, mirrored by a hugely obese and naked man.
‘Look Lurch, I think it would be better if you asked the questions,’ said Brian, attempting to pass Lurch his list of questions.  The look of horror on Lurch’s face shocked Brian.
‘At my pay grade I’m only allowed to inflict pain and ask for name, rank and number, plus some basic admin.  If I ask anything technical then the union will be down on me like a ton of bricks,’ he said, refusing to take the paper off Brian.
‘O’Feld allows a union?’ asked Brian, shocked. 
‘No, of course not.  It’s forbidden, so it’s expected that we join,’ replied Lurch.  Brian juggled the mangled O’Feld logic around his head for a few seconds before giving up and moving on.
‘You do admin, you say?’  Lurch smiled, the interrogation was back on track.  He turned to Doctor Froshdu.
‘Right Doctor, I’m your interrogator for today, welcome to my interrogation suite, I hope your stay is a happy one.
‘First of all, I have to read you your rights.’  There was a silent pause punctuated by Doctor Froshdu’s rapid breathing.
‘Would you like me to repeat them?’ asked Lurch.  Doctor Froshdu shook his head.  ‘Right, you may leave at any time you like,’ said Lurch, reading from a notice on the wall.
‘Can I?’ said an amazed Doctor Froshdu, looking back at the chest of drawers he’d placed his clothes in.
‘No, it’s just my little joke, to settle you in,’ smiled Lurch picking up a clipboard with a form clipped to it.  ‘Now can I just ask you a few questions?  Do you have any allergies?’
‘P-P-Peanuts,’ answered Doctor Froshdu.  ‘I have a syringe of adrenaline with me at all times, but your people wouldn’t let me bring it with me, they said I wouldn’t need it.’  Lurch ticked a box on the form.
It’s alright, I’ve got some,’ he said, making a note.
‘Adrenaline?’ asked Doctor Froshdu, relief showing in his face.
‘No, peanuts,’ answered Lurch, who picked up two electrodes and tapped them together, causing a blue arc to flash in the room.  He carefully clipped one to Doctor Froshdu’s left wrist, checking it was secure.


The characters, companies and places referred to in Project: Evil are fictitious and any resemblance to people, companies, businesses or places is entirely coincidental

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