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Saturday, 14 April 2012

The Journeymen Now in Paperback

The latest step on my Createspace journey is the publication of The Journeymen in print.  As with the previous two releases on Amazon's US site the process was painless and incredibly quick.  I finished proof-reading the proof copy I bought last month on Monday, and was able to make the edits to the original file that evening.  To be honest the edits needed were fairly simple to address - I found a few misplaced commas, a few spaces had inserted themselves between the end of a sentence and the full stop (OK, I guess I inserted them) and I found two remarkably similar typos where I'd missed an 'e' in a hyphenated word.

The biggest issue in the final run through was the formatting - I'd left the original file fully justified without the conventional hanging indent, so I had to finalise the file by ensuring every paragraph was suitably indented.  A bit tedious, but the upload was quick and the Createspace preview facility allowed me to preview every page exactly as it appears in the finished book.  Using that process I was able to check page numbering and chapter numbering as well as physically, or more correctly, virtually, checking the paragraph indents.  Following that I submitted the file for review by the Createspace team.

Tuesday night the book was ready for electronic proof, which is similar to the preview and I was able to run through that very quickly, however for completeness I did look at every page in turn.  Satisfied with the result I released the book for publishing and within a minute it was available for purchase on Createspace within minutes.  It took another twenty four hours before it turned up on Amazon.

So what is The Journeymen about?  Well I'm not going to repeat the blurb that goes with the book - you can access that by using one of the links above.  What I can add to the blurb, hopefully without spoiling any of the storyline, is that the book is actually two distinct stories separated by tens of thousands of years, interleaved through the book.  One story explains the concept of The Journeymen and what their mission is.  Along the way it explains why Kennedy had to die in Dallas, why AIDS was released and why there were no Weapons of Mass Destruction found in Iraq.

What I can reveal about The Journeymen and their mission is that they are hell bent on manipulating the technological direction of our planet to accomplish it, regardless of the cost to the planet or mankind.  The thing is, we all witness the wanton destruction of the Earth through careless technology, greed and war.  For every news headline that makes you shake your head in despair or disbelief, you may find yourself wondering if The Journeymen had something to do with it.

To be honest, for a fictional concept I made up one sleepless night in a B & B ten years ago, it makes a lot more sense to believe in The Journeymen than in the reality we're all fed through the media - which is manipulated by The Journeymen as well, naturally.

In all probabilty Amazon is controlled and manipulated by The Journeymen as well, as part of a process to push technology beyond current boundaries, but true to form it is still allowing a low tech reading device (paperback) as a diversion.

If you want to sample the diversionary technology in the form of The Journeymen then it's available through Createspace and Amazon (US store only at the moment, I'm afraid) priced $9.


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