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Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Parallel Lives chapter 76

Jack supervised the loading of John into his car; Alan, Karen and Michael were going to travel together in the hire car. He looked around nervously, expecting the two men to return any second. It had occurred to him that no matter how they had found out about the location they would have travelled there by car, and he hadn't heard any cars come or go since they had watched the two men disappear around the corner to the reception.
Looking around he pulled on Alan's arm. ' What do you notice about the cars in this car park? What do the majority have in common?' he asked. Alan looked around, taking in the variety of vehicles; estates, saloons, so called superminis, they were all there, every type bar executive, most ages catered for from new to ten or more years old.
'Buggered if I can see anything in common,' he answered, watching the cool air condensing on his breath as he spoke. He looked around again. 'I get it,' he said, 'most are frozen or part frozen. It's only ours and a handful of others that aren't. That means we know to within a few cars which is theirs,' he said, rummaging in his jacket pocket. Jack beat him to the draw, unclipping his combination tool from his belt.
'You've got one of these,' he asked, pulling out and locking the smooth blade on his American combination tool. Alan nodded, appreciating the forbidden US technology.
'Not as fancy as that one, but good enough for what we need to do,' he replied. Jack led the way.
'I haven't done anything like this since I was a junior soldier,' he said as they walked towards the first couple of cars that weren't frozen over. 'Feel the bonnet, from what that guy looking after John said, these are anything other than local cops, they will have travelled awhile to get here. Their bonnet should be warm to the touch,' he said, resting his hand on the first one he reached.
Silently both men moved around to the opposite sides of the car. Angling their blades into the middle of the sidewalls they pushed, each penetrating the front tyres on their respective sides virtually simultaneously. Without waiting to check the results they moved off, to different cars each this time. Within thirty five seconds they had trashed the tyres on every car in the car park that could have belonged to the two men.
'Right, said Alan, I believe you are leading the way again?' Jack nodded.
'Let's start at the beginning,' he said, 'it always makes more sense that way.'
As the two cars left the car park in convoy they saw two men come running out from the reception, rushing back up the stairs.


Copyright Ray Sullivan 2011

The characters, places and events described in this novel are fictitious and any resemblance to persons, places or events, past or present, is coincidence.  All rights reserved

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