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Friday, 22 March 2013

Parallel Lives chapter 74

Michael had frozen when he heard the voices, puzzled when they mentioned Mrs Howells. He knew they were close, probably next door, and guessed they were doing a door to door check. While the commotion took place in the adjacent room he slipped to the front door of his room and switched off the lights. John was going to be the main problem, he was in no state to make his own way down the stairs and being located midway on the balcony left him extremely vulnerable.
Briefly he pondered how they could have traced him, but he was aware of the technological methods at their disposal, many provided by the DTRU. Dismissing the speculation as irrelevant to the current problem he started to work out an exit strategy.
It sounded like there were two persons, probably not police judging by the rough tactics being used next door. This was bad, because he knew how capable these people could be, and how ruthless. He had to figure out a way of turning the situation around. Initially he had to try the simple expedient of not answering the door, which would be assisted by John's current state. It was in his control to ensure that no sound would leave the room. The lock wouldn't prevent these guys, he knew that, but a physical jamb on the door would perhaps persuade them that the lock was better than it seemed.
As he felt around the dark room for any item that could be used as a wedge, Michael heard the men leave the suite next door, their footfalls heavier than when they had arrived. It sounded as if they were moving away, which meant he had a chance. He waited, breath bated for almost two minutes, unable to believe that they had gone. The only sound he could hear was the man next door making a series of short phone calls trying to work out if he was the subject of a vendetta, a painful practical joke or some variation he couldn't imagine. Then the knock at the door sounded.
Michael froze, all his half formed and imperfectly baked plans forgotten. In the bedroom he heard John moan, the mumblings returning. The knock was repeated, an urgency in the pace, but no violence. He thought back to the approach next door, where they had increased the tempo and the force; it had been different. Edging to the door he heard the woman's voice, the woman he had left in the Council Hall several hours earlier.
'Quick, open up, we may not have long,' Karen said, not speaking, not shouting, 'we think they may come back any minute.' Michael spun the internal lock and pulled the door open. Three figures entered, cautiously as there weren't any lights on. Jack spoke.
'Look, we'll have to leave the introductions till later. Is John here?' Michael nodded and led the way into the bedroom where John was lying spread across one of the beds.
'How did they know where to look, did you follow my instructions?' Michael asked, the enormity of the situation sinking in. Alan replied, leaning to pull John up off the bed.
'To the letter, and believe me, it’s a pain avoiding the motorways on a journey like that. There had better be a damn good reason for it.'
'I'll explain later,' said Michael, pulling the other arm, helping to pivot John upright, 'he's in and out of it at the moment. Do you have a plan?' Jack stood close to the door, listening, then popped his head out into the cold night air. Checking that it was still clear he turned back inside.
'First we've got to get him downstairs and away from the motel before those two guys return. I reckon we could have as little as a minute. I'll go ahead and recce the route, you follow with John as best you can. If we can get him into one of the cars then we can make some distance.' Michael looked up at the man calling the odds.
'Are you military?' he asked.
'Used to be, feels like I'm back in it right now,' replied Jack, diving out of the door.
Walking rapidly to the top of the steps he allowed himself to drift out to the edge, looking over the balcony. Some movement down there, but casually dressed movement, not the suits he had watched earlier. At the top he looked around and saw Karen appear at the doorway. One quick check again and he gave the thumbs up.
Once Alan and Michael saw the relayed signal they started walking, John suspended between them.


Copyright Ray Sullivan 2011

The characters, places and events described in this novel are fictitious and any resemblance to persons, places or events, past or present, is coincidence.  All rights reserved

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