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Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Kindle Daily Deal

Amazon have been running a daily deal for Kindle titles in the US for a little while now, however they've only recently started the offers in the UK.  What they have been offering this week alone has varied from Stella Rimmington's novel Rip Tide: A Liz Carlyle Novel, for £1.29 (now selling for £7.01)

 to The Age of Instability: The Global Financial Crisis and What Comes Next, priced at £0.99 (now selling for £7.19).

 Other books made available this week includes Professor Stewart's Hoard of Mathematical Treasures, currently selling for £5.69, but only £0.99 on the day,

as well as novels such as Last Man in Tower, currently £5.10, £0.99 in the daily deal

and Back of Beyond, today £3.99 versus the £0.99 I paid.

Now it's an odds-on certainly that I'd never have paid the full asking price for any of these books.  The only one of these authors I've read previously is Stella Rimmington but there's no way I'd consider paying £7 for an ebook.  I've been pretty vocal on this subject in earlier blogs and I haven't changed my view - ebooks are, by and large, way overpriced.

But of course Amazon are releasing these books in an attempt to get us to look at the other books in the Author series, which are priced much higher.  Resist, I say, but do take a look at the daily deal and take a chance on a book you might not otherwise have considered, as £0.99 isn't that much for a good read.  The way I look at it, if publishers realise that when books are priced at this range they sell way more than when they are sold at inflated prices, then they'll realise that pricing low is the way to go - and you can help drive that process by cannily only electing to buy books correctly priced - try to avoid going over the £2 mark if you can!

And did I mention that my books are all priced at 0.99(GBP, Euro or USD) or less?  Right now Apple is the most expensive place to buy my books due to a quirk of their pricing methods, so unless you want to read them on an iPad using the supplied e-reader app you can obtain them for less than 0.99.  No gimmick, no lead in to higher priced books, just darn goods reads.

Anyway, self promo over, the Kindle Daily Deal (in the UK) can be found at this link:

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