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Thursday, 24 November 2011

Da Dan Brown Code - Deleted Chapters

Happy Thanksgiving to my US readers.  For all of you out there, here is a bonus Da Dan Brown Code posting which is more than it looks.

First Deleted Chapter

You've got the right idea.  Look lower!

Second Deleted Chapter

'There must be more to being a lead character than this,' sighed Bradford. 'I've a good mind to complain to my agent,' he said.

'Characters in a book don't have agents,' reminded Lady Bartholomew huffily. 'We have to jerk ourselves about on our own. At least we don't have pay fifteen percent for the privilege of not picking up our own phone.'

'It's alright for you,' interrupted Lucas, 'at least you're in your home country, M Lady.'

'I'm not,' objected Bradford.

‘But you’re from the States, you’re bound to get a job that takes you over there sooner or later,’ replied Lucas.  ‘Me, I’m stuck over here in this God forsaken country, with its piss poor beer, crap weather, lousy beaches, frigid women and useless economy. It could be worse; I could be like the whinging Poms back in Oz.’

‘True,’ said Belsen.

‘Are you thinking aloud?’ asked Bradford.  Belsen looked around shiftily; he was sure Ryder was still around.

‘Might be,’ he said, cagily, gripping the bars.

‘At last,’ said Lucas, ‘I’ve been looking for the bar all chapter.’

‘Drinkies?’ asked Lady Bartholomew.

‘Don’t mind if I do,’ said Morse.  The room looked at the veteran character, then so did the occupants.

‘Do you have permission to be in a parody?’ asked Bradford, feeling the pressure of a real lead.  Morse weighed up the situation, then weighed in the lead.

‘Are you ebook people fully metric now, or can I stick to Imperial units?’ he asked.

‘You’ve never been in an ebook?’ asked an incredulous Bradford.

‘Sure I have, in reprint.  But first edition....?’ Morse walked around the chapter, pulling at the odd sentence here, tugging a paragraph there.  He found an infinitive lying around and bravely attempted to split it.  ‘But there seems to be so much more room than I’m used to,’ he added, before his face lit up.

‘Sorry,’ said Lady Bartholomew, putting the lighter back into the props store.

‘I get it,’ announced Morse.  ‘It’s a blog, isn’t it?  No wonder there’s so much space, you’ve got the whole of the Internet to spread out in.  What’s the profit like in blogs?’  he asked.  Bradford looked at Lady Bartholomew before they both burst out laughing.

‘LEWIS!’ shouted Morse, storming off out of the chapter, taking the bar with him.

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