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Monday, 16 July 2012

Project: Evil – The Site Survey Meeting part 1

Project: Evil – The Site Survey Meeting part 1
Brian looked up at the airships bringing the raw materials, thousands of employees, prefabricated buildings and food.  To be honest, it was mainly food, with them scheduled to run around the clock to keep Froshdu fed.  Daw walked up, mopping his brow with his handkerchief.
‘How soon before we can start assembling the mission control?’ he asked, noticing the diggers idle, waiting to dig a huge hole in the ground.
‘We can’t start assembling the building until we’ve built the dungeons, and strictly we shouldn’t start that until we’ve had the Site Survey Meeting,’ Brian answered.  Daw shrugged.
‘So let’s have the Site Survey Meeting.  I’ll get O’Feld, the head of Finance and the Facilities Manager from their tents.  They’ll come straight away; there’s sod all on the TV.
‘There shouldn’t be anything on the TV, we’re two hundred miles from any civilization and we haven’t got the generators running yet,’ said Brian. Daw considered this carefully before making a note in his pocket book.
‘So that pastie I popped in the microwave…’ started Daw.
‘Still cold,’ answered Brian, adding, ‘at least you don’t have to pay VAT on it,’ he said, noting the look of dismay on Daw’s face.
‘The Head of Catering said…’ he started.  Brian felt a growl building up at the mention of the Catering Lead.
‘Either he’s been taken in by an organization even more wicked than O’Feld Industries, or he’s an evil, lying bastard,’ he said.  Daw looked up from a personnel file he’d been looking in.
‘Those qualities were ranked higher than knowledge of cooking when we recruited, so probably the second option,’ he said, adding, ‘but I’d like to know more about the first option.  Either we could look at recruiting from them or perhaps I could send them my CV after this project is over,’ he said.  Brian tried to imagine someone as heartless, soulless, evil and devoid of human compassion as Daw applying for the job of Chancellor of the Exchequer and decided Osborne shouldn’t worry – Daw was just an amateur in those matters.  The best he could hope for was Deputy Prime Minister.
‘OK, round them up, I’ll get Dodgy and Flakey to rustle up a cuppa for us, I’m sure they’ll have found the kettle by now,’ Brian said.
Ten minutes later Brian was sat at the conference table in a clearing in the jungle looking around at O’Feld, Daw, the Finance lead and the head of Facilities, sipping cold tea that hadn’t infused.  Dodgy shuffled up to Brian.
‘Sorry about the tea, Brian.  Can’t get the kettle to boil.  Flakey’s focusing a magnifying glass onto a pan of water; with this sun it should boil in a week or so,’ he said.  Brian waved him away.
‘Right, we’re here on site, we have all the equipment and people in place, and Froshdu hasn’t complained of starving to death once so far.  However he does like a cooked evening meal…’ he said.
‘And a cooked breakfast, cooked mid-morning snack, cooked lunch, cooked afternoon tea, cooked supper and cooked midnight snack.  All other meals he can eat cold,’ interrupted Daw.
‘Pretty much,’ agreed Brian, sure they’d missed a few meals between them, not that Froshdu was likely to miss one, at least without complaining.  ‘So the priority is to get a cooking facility up and running as soon as possible, otherwise he’s likely to start eating us.  I’ve got Dodgy and Flakey setting up the kebab stall, well Dodgy is as Flakey has a priority job rustling up hot water,’ he said.


The characters, companies and places referred to in Project: Evil are fictitious and any resemblance to people, companies, businesses or places is entirely coincidental.

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