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Monday, 1 July 2013

Journeymen II - Coming Soon

Regular readers might have noticed that I haven't been posting much lately, in fact I haven't posted for about a week.  It isn't summer 'Flu or a dose of the dreaded lurgy - in fact I'm in rude health right now - but it's a case of the novel ending syndrome.

NES hits writers when their books reach a critical point and they find that writing the book is an all consuming affair.  I hit a couple of NES points over the last couple of years when DLF reached that point, as I did with Project: Evil a little later.  Project: Evil NES point could have been less obvious to most of you because I was posting it as I wrote it, apart from the problem that the postings had caught up with the story so far and I needed the time to finish it, hence my hiatus from posting a year ago.

Well I've reached the NES point with Journeymen II, a sequel I started writing over two years ago and has stopped and started several times.  But in the last week all the threads started to come together - I never know exactly how a book will end until I get to that point myself - and I've been writing every night since.  The ending, by the way, is fast moving and heart thumping action and I'm struggling to put it down myself.

At the rate of writing I should be ready to go through full read through in a fortnight or so, then I've got to write the blurb, design the cover, reformat the various versions - Amazon and Smashwords versions plus the CreateSpace edition, publish and, well, if the Journeymen read  it I'll be damned.

So apologies to the regular readers for stopping the postings for the time being - normal service may be resumed sometime soon, but there are two other books closing in on the NES point in my SkyDrive account so I can't absolutely promise you it will be.  But a darned good read is appearing in an internet bookshop near you real soon instead.

I'll keep you informed.


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