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Sunday, 11 November 2012

Fixing BT Broadband Speed Fault

OK, a little off-piste topic for me, but one that may help any UK BT Broadband users experiencing speed issues with their Infinity hub. It's also probable that other broadband supplier faults may be addressable in this way too.

Over the last few days my broadband connection has been playing up in a way that would suggest a hardware fault if I had only been using one device on the network, but we've variously been using two laptops, an iPad, a Nexus 7, an iPhone and a HTC One, often all together, sometimes singly, usually a mixture of the above. Naturally I tried resetting using the button on the hub, but that didn't help and I'm increasingly of the opinion that it probably isn't of much use generally

I contacted BT on their technical helpline (151 if you're a BT customer and need to talk to a person) and ended up, inevitably, speaking to operators from the subcontinent. I know this is frustrating for many people and to be honest the resolution could have been addressed much more succinctly than via the protracted discussion I ended up with, so for your reference here is the simple solution.

 If you suspect a broadband speed fault you can check it using this link. I was getting zero up and download speeds, so it was fairy obvious there was a problem.

Next, go to your BT Hub, the black coloured box that is connected to a white coloured wall mounted box.  Unplug the power supplies to both and leave for at least a minute. The gentleman I was talking with had me reversing the Ethernet cable linking these two boxes, but honestly that is just to keep you busy while the boxes fully flush their systems.  Make a cuppa - it's more useful and ensures you don't power up to soon.

Now plug the power lead for the white wall mounted box in and wait until the left hand light stops flashing. When it is glowing steady green plug the power supply to the black Home hub. Wait until the broadband blue light is lit steady and you should have your broadband back up and running. Check using the BT speed test here.

Obviously if that hasn't worked then call 151 and take your chances. Tell them Ray sent you.


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