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Saturday, 8 September 2012

Project:Evil Has a Website

B L O'Feld Megalomaniac Industries (BLOMI), a notoriously secretive organisation, has launched a Corporate website.  The website contains information on the company values (a particularly short piece of data there), information on various projects, biographies of the key company personnel and, for those with scant regard for their own survival, recruitment information.

As a frequent visitor to their headquarters in Basildon, somewhere in the South Seas, to research my in-depth report on Project:Evil (their recent attempt to hold the planet to ransom) I was invited to write up an interview with Barry Liam O'Feld, CEO of BLOMI for Megalomaniac Monthly. You can read the interview on the BLOMI website.

If you've read Project:Evil or just want to know more about this villainous organisation, a company that strives to be less likeable than a party of corporate bankers on a bonus spending spree, then be sure to visit the BLOMI website.  You can even email some of the key players, even Friend them on Facebook, but please don't email them your bank details, no matter how insistent they are. And if you do, don't include your PIN. I know, it sounds unlikely but these are very persistent people and they do pride themselves on being, well, evil.

And if you do email them your PIN please don't mention the identity of your firstborn.

But apart from some slightly dodgy practices around misusing other people's bank accounts and children - heck, they'd happily enslave anyone regardless of age, gender or profession (they claim to be an equal opportunity organisation)  they seem like really nice guys.

 So why not pay them a visit? Mr O'Feld insists on it, and you don't want to upset him!


If you're not too busy reading up on BLOMI, sending them your bank details or squandering your first born on them then you can visit my website to take a look at my books

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