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Friday, 14 September 2012

Was Fred Hoyle Partly Right?

Few of us believe that the new iPhone - or any of the earlier incarnations of the iconic device that should just be a phone for that matter - are purely the result of human ingenuity.  While the plasma TVs get faster, bigger, better; while tablet computing moves from concept to mature industry in less than five years it is clear that the rate of progress is moving so much faster than a planet of dedicated engineers working around the clock should be able to achieve.

Yet the rate of change is getting faster and faster, year on year.  OK, I freely admit I'm a bit of an intellectual dullard compared to your average Apple engineer or your run-of-the-mill Microsoft programmer, but only the blind or the stupid would believe that all this progress is man-made.

There are rumours and there are conspiracy theories.  Always will be, I guess.  There are some who believe that the modern developments are aided by alien contributions, that we are benefiting from extra-terrestrial seeds from space.  It's not a new notion, Fred Hoyle suggested it a long time ago, naming it Panspermia.  And although Fred was known to get the odd important thing wrong he was also right a lot of the time, too.

So it is with interest that I stumble across a new website that claims that the burgeoning new technology is more than the result of human endeavour; it claims that Digital Life Forms, or DLFs as it refers to them, has been the real reason for the good digital life we are all enjoying.

Take a look, make your own mind up!


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