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Saturday, 31 December 2011

Reading This Blog Could Cause a Security Crisis!

Unlike many people I'm not paranoid about Government Agencies snooping around my on-line life.  I suppose my twenty four years carrying an RAF ID card and complying with the security strictures of the Ministry of Defence have inured me to the concerns about individual privacy that many harbour.

This article by the Daily Mail, a UK newspaper, highlights - or for those of us who have known about this for some time, reminds - us that anything we post on-line, even (especially) in blogs but also in Social media such as Twitter and Facebook can be monitored by agencies such as GCHQ in Cheltenham, UK or various agencies in the US including Homeland Security.  Such is the level of traffic floating around the web now they have to resort to sophisticated routines that look for specific words or phrases that may have sinister meanings.  Such as Bomb, Terror, Rupert Murdoch - you get the idea.

It's been going on a long time, probably since the dawn of the public Internet, and I'm personally not concerned - but then again I'm always pleased to add more readers to my blog, so perhaps my viewpoint is skewed!  I don't know what I find more surprising - the article being posted at the end of 2011 or the comments made in reply. 

I guess some of the chapters in Da Dan Brown Code might have rung the odd alarm in one of these agencies - from recollection I've mentioned the Patriot Act, GCHQ and I'm sure there were a few other references in Da Dan Brown Code that might have caused someone to take a brief second look.  But as I sit here on a very windy afternoon preparing Project: Evil for serialisation I realise that the bells are going to be ringing a lot more frequently and louder than ever.  For all I know, the various agencies may have the technology to monitor those who read my blog, so I'm giving both of you fair warning!

Over the next few months, three times a week, I'm going to be making regular references to Weapons of Mass Destruction, Evil Organisations, Megalomaniacs, Torture, Murder, David Cameron, Secret Missile Bases, Henchmen and Safestyle UK.  If that lot doesn't get the GCHQ alarms ringing, nothing will.  If that list has hit an intelligence analyst's desk then can I make a couple of suggestions - first, bookmark the blog and flag it as mostly harmless - there are way more dangerous bloggers out there than me - and secondly, sign up to the blog - that way you can read my attempt to rip your industry apart three times a week, starting 8 January 2012.

Now where did I bury that neutron bomb I stole from the RAF before I left?

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