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Sunday, 25 December 2011

Amazon's Twelve Days of Christmas

Amazon in the UK are running a promotion right now called the 12 days of Christmas - they ran it last year and I picked up some cracking books at a good price.  I'd be very surprised if Amazon US aren't running a similar promotion.  What is surprising is how deeply Amazon have hidden the promotion - my wife got an email advertising it but I didn't.  She bought me my Kindle last Christmas, which is why they are emailing her, I guess, but I buy the books.  I looked on their main UK website and couldn't find reference to the promotion.  Anyway, the link to the UK promotion is on the first line of this blog, so feel free to pass it around.

One of the books I picked up last year was The Hanging Shed, by Gordon Ferris which led me to look at his other books including one that is included in this year's promotion - Truth, Dare, Kill.  I can heartily recommend this book as a ripping yarn, at £0.99 it's worth a peek.

I haven't seen anything new in this year's list that is enticing me so far, but this is day one and of course my taste isn't necessarily yours.  If you are a Kindle user and you're looking for some New Year reading, take a look at the 12 days promotion.

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