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Tuesday, 4 March 2014

This News Takes the Biscuit

Regular readers will know that I take the occasional foray into comedic (in my opinion) articles and of course I serialised my two comedic novels on this blog first.  We British have a long history of anarchic humour and like to think we own satire - which of course is universally practised in all countries with English as their first language.

There's an online satirical newspaper that is predominantly written by Brits, but not entirely and I understand it has a bit of an underground following in the US too.  The site is called NewsBiscuit and has been running for several years.  All of the spoof newspaper reports it carries are submitted by members of the public, often under a pseudonym, and tend to be topical and UK orientated (although often deprecating the UK, as it is satire after all).  The best articles make it to the front page (perhaps after a little tender editing) and often are provided with an image to go with it.

Apparently I put my younger brother onto this a few years ago - I probably heard about it in the radio, passed the message and promptly forgot about it.  Until this weekend when my brother contacted me and told me he'd made the front page with three articles - a brilliant result.  So I had to take a look and I guess sibling rivalry being what it is....

Anyway, although most of my submissions to date have gone the way of the majority - there's a lot of material being submitted daily and if you don't make the cut quickly, your baby sinks - I managed to get two on the front page.  Here's a link to one of them, which shows the professionalism of the NewsBiscuit team in improving your efforts.

I'll be submitting more 'articles' in the coming weeks and months, if only because my brother has discovered that he is both prolific and talented.  I can match the prolific part.  Rest assured I can always fall on my 'the book is nearly finished and I haven't got as much time as you' excuse if I lose the quota race.

Take a look at NewsBiscuit, perhaps subscribe to the daily newsletter which features one of the front page articles, and if you have a penchant for writing funny stuff, why not have a go?

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