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Saturday, 1 March 2014

Read an eBook Week is Back

Once a year about this time the 'Read an eBook Week' is run.  This week it runs from March 2 for seven days and many eBooks are heavily discounted or even free.  If you need to stock up on your eBooks for less (legitimately) or if you are new to reading electronically then this is the perfect opportunity.

Many authors allow their books to be sold for a discount or for free to encourage use of the genre for the greater good and to receive some additional exposure to new readers.  I've participated in one way or another every year for at least the last three years and I'm continuing to do so this year.  I'm providing a discount code at the end of this posting to Parallel Lives, my first novel, so that you can obtain it for free with my blessing. 

This promotion week is especially relevant this year as the sales of tablet computers has grown exponentially over the last twelve months and consequently there are a lot more people with the capability to use them to read eBooks than ever before.  If that is you and you haven't tried reading an eBook on your tablet yet, or you know someone in that position, then do yourself a favour and give it a no-cost try.  Pass this blog onto anyone you know who might benefit from trying eBooks for free while you're at it.

But don't just stop there, take a look at the other books being offered by other authors and don't forget to check out their (and my) other wares while you're at it.

The promotion is being hosted by Smashwords once again and that is where you'll need to go to if you want to grab some free or cheap eBooks in the next seven days. The code you need to download a free copy of Parallel Lives is RW100.

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