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Saturday, 14 December 2013

Amazon Sale - Stock Up On Your eBooks Now

Despite my frequent rants about Amazon I use them more and more each holiday season and the Kindle book store is my eBook store of choice for buying books. Probably because I own a Kindle eReader I've allowed myself to use Amazon as the supplier of books I read, if not for the books I sell. To be honest, I sell more books through Barnes and Noble these days, although some months I do experience the occasional flurry of activity on Amazon.

Part of me accepts that Amazon is likely to end up ruling the world, I just hate monopolies in any industry. But they must be doing something very right if they can undercut virtually everyone else online and provide free shipping as long as you're prepared to wait maybe three days. At least that seems to be the longest I've had to wait in recent weeks for any deliveries. So either they re doing something right or everybody else is ripping us off because Amazon do appear to be making a healthy profit regardless.

So, misgivings pushed aside, I have helped boost Amazon's retail element further than my conscience would like and I use them for buying eBooks. Now I have shouted out about their Deal of the Day for over a year now - I understand they run a promotion in most, if not all, of the regions they sell in.  Which pretty much means the globe, I guess.  Originally they pushed one book a day at £0.99, usually discounted by 70% - 90%, but recently they've been pushing three books a day.

Well I've noticed over the last few days they have stepped up the amount of books at £0.99 available and today there was 20 books at £0.99 plus four in the deal of the day.  I've added a link to today's deal - it's only valid until midnight GMT and is probably only valid for UK customers - but why not chance your arm if you're outside the UK anyway, just make sure the price is right before committing to any purchases.  Regardless, mosey on over to Amazon and hunt down the deal of the day - you'll make a few authors happy and you can stock up on books to read over the holidays.  Don't expect to find my books discounted on there, though, as they are all priced at £0.99 in the UK, $0.99 in the US at the moment (also on Apple, B&N, Sony, Kobe and, if they've got over themselves, WH Smith) - so you can try them for virtually free right now anyway.

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