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Sunday, 6 January 2013

The Apple Gadget to Watch

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Apple are rumoured to be working on the next big thing in mobile technology, a wristwatch that fits in with their product range.  Details are sketchy, to say the least which, given the secrecy the company shrouds all tech releases with and the 2014 projected release date, isn't that much of a surprise.

We shouldn't be that surprised at the innovation; Apple have spent the last ten years putting our record collections in our pockets, then the internet on our phones and finally our computers in our hands.  So an Apple device that I'm provisionally calling the iWatch (registration application is in the post) doesn't seem too left field.

It's also not an original idea, Casio have been touting an Android based watch for some time - my blog post reporting the Casio device (link at top of this blog) is almost exactly 12 months old.  People new to Apple may consider it strange that they may be following innovation instead of leading it, however those of us who have been around that block a few times know that swiping ideas and concepts is something Apple excel at when needed.  They're not averse to suing people who try to steal stuff they've stolen themselves, either, so Casio had better lawyer up in anticipation.

Some of the rumours on the web about the iWatch are a little skeptical, but I think it has promise.  Here's what I think it'll do.

First, it will display the time.  That may sound a little trite, but it is a simple requirement that most of us will require.  It'll also be an iPod device, capable of linking to your iTunes account and the iCloud.  My guess is that it will be a Bluetooth enabled device so users can listen to their music wirelessly on a bluetooth headset, but don't discount the famous white headphones just yet, there will probably be a mini jack.

It will also be a mini-iPhone, so that bluetooth headset should have voice capability also.  Better, it'll run Facetime so you can curl your left arm casually and speak with your nearest and dearest face to face from your hotel room.

It will also contain Siri so there's a fighting chance you can surf the internet, but good luck with where it will lead you.  Perhaps it's our UK accents, but Siri currently misunderstands almost everything we say, often hilariously.

I also expect that the strap will be like a snap strap, the slap on style that doesn't require buckles and mechanical parts that can fail.  I'm sure Apple will have an aesthetic spin on this and whoever was unfortunate enough to invent the snap on wristwatch strap should lawyer up real soon.  Don't wait for the January 2014 launch.

So when Tim Cook strolls onto the podium in just over a year's time, when he's done discussing the latest version of the iPhone, iPad and iOS then wait for the 'one last thing' speech beloved of the late Steve Jobs.  Then watch him casually slide his sleeve up and show off his new watch, like a ten year old on Christmas day.

But if you're in the audience and Tim fails to show then you'll know something ahead of the world - Apple have tried to squeeze Apple Maps on the watch as a last minute bonus and consequently Tim Cook will have got lost on his way to the venue.


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