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Thursday, 28 June 2012

More Cut Price eBooks

A few months ago Smashwords, the indie publishing website, ran a month long promotion, with participating authors offering their eBooks at discounted prices, some  for free.  It's a great idea, it puts a load of books of every genre, in front of readers at the same time. If you've been cruising past a couple of titles, wondering if they are worth investing your three or four dollars in, then it gives you the opportunity to road test one or more of them for less.

Well, they're doing it again.  From midnight 1 July Pacific time (don't ask, I lost that plot a long time ago)  for one month they are running the Summer/Winter sale.  Why Summer/Winter?  Well, Smashwords is an international eBookseller and they've noticed that as those of us in the northern hemisphere are loading up eBooks to read on the beaches, our southern friends in Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and many, many other fine places are looking for something to curl up with to while away the long winter nights.

Lots of authors take part.  Some put one or more of their books on the sale for free as a loss leader, to let you see what their writing style is like, while others discount one or more at 25%, 50% or 75% of their normal Smashwords selling price.  I'm taking part too, so you need to note the following code if you've been deliberating over downloading one or more of my books, but felt they were a little pricey.  To keep things simple, I've opted for the 50% discount code for the four paid for books:

Book Title and Link Coupon Code
Parallel Lives SSW50
The Journeymen SSW50
Skin SSW50
Digital Life Form SSW50

My parody on the writing style of Dan Brown, The Last Simple, is already discounted at $0.00 and is automatically included in the promotion, apparently.

You need the coupon code to get the discount at checkout.  I'm fairly certain that it will be the same code for any book listed at a 50% discount, but check out the author page of your favourite eBook author before entering it, just in case.

If you fancy a browse through the books on offer, Smashwords are going to put a link to the various contributing books on the Smashwords homepage.

All of the above books will still be for sale at Apple, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, WH Smith, Kobo, Sony and many other eBook sellers at the normal prices, so if you want to pay full price, you can.  If you've never bought from Smashwords before, here's some tips:

You will have to register with them.  I forget the specific questions, but I don't recall them being too intrusive.   Then, when you have chosen a book or books and make your way to checkout you get the chance to enter any promotional codes applicable.  Then download.  If you're downloading to an iPad then it just pops the book onto the bookshelf, it's that easy.  If you are using a Kindle, then it's slightly fussier, but it's not too much of an issue.  You download onto your PC - try to select a location you can find again - then connect your Kindle to your PC.  Once you've connected using the USB cable your Kindle will be detected as a disk drive - drag the book into the part of the Kindle drive that your other files are stored.  I can't comment on Kobo, Sony etc devices, but I expect the process will be similar to either the iPad or Kindle.

So, set your diary to check out the Smashwords Summer/Winter sale.  It's on for a month, however authors are permitted to pull their books out at any time - some may set a threshold of cut price sales for the promotion.  If you've been looking at a specific book, check it out early.

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