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Monday, 5 March 2012

Read an eBook Week - cheap and free eBooks on offer

Pop over to Smashwords this week and you may pick up a bargain.  For one week only many Smashwords authors are offering their books at a discount - 75% off, 50% off, 25% off and some even for free.

It's a promotion that Smashwords has run for the last four years and I suspect some savvy eBook readers stock up on their books for the year during this week.  The process is quite simple, go to their home page, follow the links and use the codes they provide at checkout.

Smashwords provide most eBooks in multiple formats so that they can be uploaded to your Kindle, Kobo, Sony, PC and many other eBook Readers.

You could use the opportunity to try a book or author you've been thinking about at a discount (or even free - did I mention that?)  Or perhaps there's a genre you've thought about but didn't want to pay full price to find out if it spins your wheel.

None of my books are on there for free (did I mention free?) but they are discounted and cheaper than you'll find them anywhere else such as Amazon, WH Smith, Kobo, Apple... unless they find out - Amazon do have a habit of price matching.  Use the code REW50 at checkout for my books - here;s some direct links to save you wading through all those cut price and FREE books this week:

The Last Simple
Parallel Lives
The Journeymen
Digital Life Form

So, if you read eBooks, know someone who reads them or perhaps you haven't tried one of these new fangled things then why not look up the promotions - after all, if you get something that last week cost a pound or two for free, what have you lost?


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