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Saturday, 5 April 2014

Pre-order Assassin and get another (maybe two) books free

* I've just been alerted to a fault with the email link below - now fixed. If you have tried using it and received a failure delivery notice, please resubmit. Apologies for any inconvenience*

As part of my pre-order promotion I'm offering anyone who can prove they have pre-ordered Assassin from an eBook store the opportunity to download one of my other books via Smashwords for free.  And when I say one of my books, I'm letting you choose which one.  If you have already pre-ordered the book or do so between now and release date (1 May), then just forward the confirmation email to me at stating which of my other books you would like to obtain for free then I will generate and email you back a code for Smashwords that will allow you to access your chosen book for free in any eBook format you wish.  As an added incentive, I'm offering the first one hundred such pre-orders the chance to download any two of my books in this way.

My reasons for this promotion are to try and sell more books (obviously) but also to try and raise more awareness of my books in general.  Both my website and my Smashwords pages are showing that I've picked up a fair amount of interest in the last two months or so but there's a lot of readers out there who will be unaware of my books at all.  By setting Assassin up for pre-order it allows all pre-ordered book sales to be accrued on the same day.  If there are enough sales in one go, the book rises up the rankings, enhancing visibility.  It's a one-off opportunity to sell my name through a book.

So, for $0.99 (or the £ or Euro equivalent) you can obtain up to two of my other books for free.  That's an average of $0.33 a book, which has to be a bargain.

The books you can choose from are:

Parallel Lives
The Journeymen
Journeymen II: Day of Reckoning
Digital Life Form
The Last Simple
Project: Evil

To read up the blurb on any or all of these, please follow the link below to my book website, or visit your favourite eBook seller and read about them there.

I look forward to hearing from you.

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