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Monday, 1 October 2012

I'm Back!

I said at the beginning of summer that I was going to take a break from blogging, in part because I was spending more time blogging than writing.  This was having the negative impact on my serialisation of Project:Evil as I hadn't finished the book, yet had posted 90% of it on-line.

So I stopped blogging, or at least reduced it to an occasional activity and, amongst other things, finished Project: Evil.  FYI, that book has proven to be very popular, no doubt aided by being free for a significant period of it's short life.  In fact Amazon, who don't let me list books for free, have been letting US customers download the book for free literally from the date I instructed Smashwords to make it a paid for book, claiming they were price matching.  I must have a word with them.

Anyway, I haven't been idle over the summer.  Some of you may have noticed I've launched my own website.  In fact, I've launched three websites.  The first one at is obviously the main portal for information on my books, contains a potted history of me, background info on each book and I'm in the process of building links to the various eBook providers for each book.  Another website I've launched supports Project: Evil.  It is a fun site with information on the notorious B L O'Feld Megalomaniac Industries (BLOMI).  It has information about O'Feld himself, his secret lairs, employment opportunities for the desperate and suicidal and even email and Facebook contact details for Mr O'Feld himself.  In fact, world domination projects permitting, Mr O'Feld is replying to all emails and Facebook comments and regularly posts evil messages to all and sundry on Facebook.  Also, B L O'Feld is posting diary entries on his website that you may enjoy, such as his recent Spanish holiday.  The final website I've been involved in is dedicated to exploding the murky, dangerous and secretive world of DLFs.  You may find out information about the technology you are staring at right now and you may find yourself questioning how it came to be.  Be aware, it is a dangerous world out there and never forget that not only is life not fair but shit happens too!

I've also started work on another comedic novel, one that has deeply dark humour and at present isn't scheduled to be serialised.  Opening chapter is written and looking promising.  It's difficult to say when it is likely to be launched, but I will keep you informed as it develops.  No clues about the content, but it's fair to say that if I'm not condemned to eternal damnation yet, this will probably seal it for me.  I've also got a couple of other book ideas forming and that's always a healthy position to be in as an author as it gives me alternative work to be getting on with whenever I hit a block on my main project.

I'm aiming at spending a fair bit of time looking at the eReading technology this autumn.  I'm going to provide a review of the Google Nexus 7, a device I've been using daily since early August, and I'm hoping to carry out a round-up of the tablet options as we approach the holiday season.  There should be a lot of interest this year with the launch of the new Amazon Kindle Fire over here in the UK and possibly a UK launch of the Nook Color.  Apple may be launching a sevin inch (or thereabouts) version of the iPad too.

And to round it all off I'm launching a new serialisation.  No danger of not finishing the book before the serialisation ends this time as it is going to be one of my published books.  Not a comedic offering either, as I'm thinking some of you may not realise I also write science based thrillers, so I'll be serialising Parallel Lives over the next few months.  It'll stay on sale so if you want to get to the ending quicker or want to read it in a more amenable manner, you will be able to.

So, I'm back.  I haven't decided if I'll be posting daily or slightly less often yet - the demands of the other writing is going to take precedence.  If you want notification of any posts you can sign up to this blog, follow me on Twitter (@RayASullivan) or join me on my Facebook page (look for as I always post a message when I post a new blog entry.

Looking forward to blogging to y'all.


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