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Monday, 27 August 2012

Launching My New Website

Biting the bullet, I've gone and done it.I've avoided the webmaster scenario quite deliberately for some time, but I guess there comes a point when an occasional blog isn't going to cut it, commercially.

 I don't have anything against running a website but I did have two issues. First and foremost is the time element. I have a perception that building a website that's worth visiting takes time; maintaining one takes more. I guess I can't get around those issues,  other than pay someone, but I don't sell enough books to make that option viable right now.

The second issue was to do with costs directly. I had a domain name in my head, guessing that would be taken already, so I started to look at what one would cost. Well, those of you running a website will have been through this previously and will know that although the cost isn't great, it is variable. More importantly, everywhere I looked I saw sharks. If there was ever an industry capable of giving banking a good name, this is it.

So I canvassed friends who had websites, got some 'do not enter' warnings and some good steers. I followed the steers.

Anyway, the domain I wanted, was available - someone has the dot co dot UK version but doesn't appear to be using it, but I'm not that interested in the local variant anyway - so I bought the dot com variant, signed up for a hosting package, had a few nights' head scratching and it's up there. Not fully ready, but definitely good enough for looking at.

One of my aims is to host a page on there providing links to the more popular blog entries - some are clearly spinning wheels months after they've been posted - so if you want to revisit a blog entry and don't fancy trawling through the whole list on this site, then take a look.

I hope you find time to visit the website from time to time.


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