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Sunday, 8 May 2011

I Don't Do Slimming Books

Two days after publishning DLF I looked on Amazon and found a fifth book published by Ray Sullivan - Parallel Lives, The Journeymen, Skin, DLF and a new one called fantastic methods for becoming slimmer.  The new book doesn't have a cover, is only 35 Kb in size (about a tenth of the size of most normal books), is priced way higher than any of my books (£3.44) and has a small amount of blurb.

Although it is irritating to have to share an author name I just shrugged and got on with life.  Then the other day I tried searching the Kindle Store for books beginning with 'Fantastic Methods' and found 8 almost identical books (in size, title, price, date published) but with eight different author names, including my own.  When I looked up the individual authors I found that they had books published on a variety of topics but all with, for example, a cover image.

I complained to Amazon that this was a little suspicious and suggested they investigate.  So far I'm on round two and they don't see anything strange - they believe the book is legit and published by Ray Sullivan, acknowledging that it is a different Ray Sullivan to myself.  Currently I've replied suggesting that if someone published a similar book claiming to be a 'J K Rowling' they would take it a little more seriously.

Anyway, just in case you look at my book listing, I don't write books on slimming!

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